Why Film in Peru?

Facts about Peru

Reverse climate

Peru has reverse seasons to North America, Europe, and other northern hemisphere countries, allowing filmmakers to shoot authentic winter scenes when it is summer up north, and vibrant summer landscapes during northern winters.

Trade Agreements

The Entertainment Industry Coalition for Free Trade states “The U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement creates new opportunities for the entertainment sector in terms of US jobs and exports”.

Stay Synchronized with your head office

Peru has a clear advantage in managing time differences with your head office as it lays in the Eastern Time (USA & Canada.)

You’re never far from Home

It’s relatively easy to get to Peru and once here, you will enjoy the benefits of favorable time differences and the latest in communication technology.

Value for money

International filmmakers can take advantage of Peru’s beneficial exchange rate. At approximately S/. 3.3 (New Soles) to the US dollar, S/. 3.6 to the Euro, and S/. 4.1 to the UK Pound, these currencies have considerable buying power.

Positive Working Practices

There are no unions in Peru, and the standard working day in Peru is 10-12 hours. Rates are based on common industry practice. Night premiums do not generally apply and the rates for night shoots are typically the same as for day shoots.

Stable Economy

“The Economist” magazine has described Peru as Latin America’s fastest growing economy in 2008. And so far it has no signs of slowing down.

Flight Times

Flight Times

You're never far from home in Peru.

It is relatively easy to get to Peru and once here, you will enjoy the benefits of favorable time differences. A direct flight from Los Angeles takes eight hours. This makes Peru a closer destination from L.A. than Australia, Argentina, Europe, and South Africa. Once in Peru most local flights to other cities takes less than two hours.



Staying Connected

One of the greatest difficulties in shooting at an international location is managing time differences. Peru possesses a clear advantage in this regard, with a seven-hour working day crossover with the west coast of America, and a full nine-hour working day crossover with the east coast.